Drawing Demonstration by Deborah Stanton

A native of Virginia, Deborah Garbee Stanton earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Richmond, and her Master’s Degree in Painting from California College of Arts, Oakland. She has exhibited in galleries all over the United States and has won many awards in Drawing and Printmaking including several “Best In Shows” and the prestigious Purchase Prize at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Anderson Gallery.

Deborah started her career as an advertising agency illustrator and art director and has taught art to children and adults for many years.  She currently teaches Art History at Gordon College and teaches drawing and painting skills privately and at adult education courses.  She is a sought-after artist for private commission work and is known for her beautiful depictions of horses and maritime subjects.

Watercolor Demonstration by Jane Booras

About Jane Booras : I am a self taught, award winning artist who has loved art my entire life. I have done many things in the creative field. Children’s portraits are my passion. Capturing the emotion in a child’s face and telling their story through my paintings is my purpose. These children tug at my heart. I have often been asked why I have chosen this subject to paint. After traveling the continent of Africa, I became very aware of the plight of so many children on this earth.

Jane created a gallery of 102 paintings of “Children of the World” whereby she donated 50% of her sales to several children’s charities.