Members Art

A representative sampling of Art Works by our members

Members, if you do not have a representative work in this gallery, please contact the Web Master at to have a work included.

Please visit these links to Art and Services by our Members

JANE BOORAS – Watercolor – “Children of the World” Series – Click to See “100 Faces of Humanity” video 5:37
Web Site
Contact by e-mail –
Contact by telephone – (781) 334-4394

DARLEEN L’HEUREUX – Artist/Crafter
Designs by Darleen – Landscape, Pet, Family Portraits
Contact by e-mail –
Contact by telephone – (781) 983-5469

KENDALL INGLESE – Painting & Photography
See Kendall’s work at
contact Kendall at 
take a class on line with Kendall at

MIKE NICHOLS – Photographer, Web Master
Nichols Art Images – Digital Images of Art Works and Portfolios (Facebook)
Contact by e-mail –