Lynnfield Art Guild 1964-1969

1964 Mr. Phil Perkins
1965 Mrs. John Malcolm (Helen)
1966 Mrs. Allan Barton (Barbara)
1967 Mrs. Calvin Globe (Lee)
1968 Mrs. Carl Bergman (Peggy)
1969 Mrs. Henry C. Young (Jan)  

On January 17, 1964, ten people gathered at the home of Mrs. John Malcolm to discuss the possibility of forming an Art Guild in our town. Our charter members to whom we Art lovers owe so much were:

Mrs. John Malcolm               Mrs. Charles Johnson
Mrs. Myron S. Wilson           Mrs. Ralph Shute
Mrs. Allen G. Barton             Mrs. William S. Rockhill
Mr. Carl R. Laier                    Mr. Phil Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Thompson

The Lynnfield Art Guild was established in January, 1964 starting with 10 members who attended the first meeting. Their membership grew to over 100 members in less than a year!

Lynnfield Art Guild was a popular group in town & the residents looked forward to activities of the Guild. There were often Newspaper headlines like Art Guild Show Attracts 1000 to view 129 Exhibits! & Focus on Art- A Unanimous Hit!

Activities included two yearly exhibits, a pre-Christmas show & June exhibit. There were monthly workshops held in the morning, in the Historical Society Building, known as Old Meeting House on the village green. The programs offered included Silk Screening, Woodcarving, Air Brush painting, Watercolor, Leaded class technique etc.

One of its meetings was very colorful and entertaining as a dance teacher came bringing her many dancers to present the Dance as an “Art Form” for the Guild. Many of them posed for the guild, enabling its members to capture the grace and elegance of these dancers on paper  and canvas. Some of the well-known artists who visited and lectured at these meetings were Beverly Hallam, Paul Strisik, Ken Gore, & Freddy Peterson. They even had live models pose for workshops! Membership dues were $5.00, $3.00 for Associate & Guests paid$1.00

A social gathering of the Guild members was held once a year, giving new members a better opportunity to become acquainted.  Member activities also included Annual Members Champagne Party,  Art Auction every year.Summer field trips , even  gallery hopping during winter months with luncheon at the Petite Pigalle in Boston!

Members like President Phil Perking had a one man show at Cinema I & II at Northshore, Peabody in the summer of 1965. He also held art classes at his home studio on Salem Street on Tuesday & Friday. Members also had an opportunity to exhibit at local businesses, the Colonial of Lynnfield, including the Mall!