Beth Aaronson

I have always enjoyed drawing and making art. My parents and several teachers at my school (coincidentally founded by a watercolor painter) encouraged me to study art and music. What became life-long hobbies, drawing and playing flute and piano, were my creative outlets, balancing my academic years at Cornell University and N.Y.U. School of Law. After my education, I moved to the Boston area where I developed a career as an appellate attorney. My husband Michael and I moved to the North Shore when he began his medical practice. Eight years later, I began to have a little free time when our youngest son started kindergarten. So, I started taking watercolor classes with Wakefield artist Bill Velmure (and I joined a band, The Musical Mavens)!

Watercolor appealed to me because of its immediacy, spontaneity and the happy accidents that can occur. I did not know enough to feel daunted by watercolor’s difficulties and I loved mixing my own colors.  I remain intrigued by the interplay of light and water in all its forms and experimenting with controlled vs. loose techniques and both realistic and abstract painting. I have been fortunate to study with local artists, including Fran Nola, Eileen Montbleau, Pauline Bacon, and currently, with Lynn artist Bill Deveney.

My paintings are inspired by my interests and my travels with a focus on landscapes, gardens, and animals. I am passionate about gardening, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, and traveling.  Soon after I began painting, I joined the Lynnfield Art Guild (LAG), where I connected with the local art community. I remain an active member of LAG and have served on its board in numerous leadership positions, including as president. I am also a member of the Lynnfield Tree Committee. Michael and I are the proud parents of three adult sons and grandparents of six.

Many of my paintings are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing or have any other questions, please contact me at: [email protected].

Images are in three groups: Landscapes/Cityscapes, Flowers/Gardens/Trees, and Animals/Birds/People.