Andree Stewart – In Memoriam

Dear friend and member Andree Stewart passed on February 26, 2021. Loving wife of Arthur Stewart, mother of her 2 sons, Michael and Lawrence.

In life “gracious is marked by kindness and courtesy, characterized by charm, good-taste, generosity of spirit and graceful” and so much more. 

Andree painted that definition in her life and artworks. The subject women she painted reflected the very essence of her grace and charm while her landscapes relayed a steely quiet and calm so typical of her personality.

She was a dedicated wife, mother, nurse, artist, accomplished seamstress, and a deaconess at her church. Many roles in her life were marked by a trait that streamed through all … her caring, quiet spirit.

As a long time member of the Lynnfield Art Guild, she participated in several art shows, including Art in Bloom. Andree received several ribbons and donated a painting into our permanent collection.