Featured Artist Program

Thank you for your interest in our new Featured Artist Program. This program offers our members the opportunity to have their own personalized and addressable web page within the LynnfieldArts.org web site to display and sell their art if they wish.  Each Featured Artist will be publicized via a series of announcements on the LAG Web Site home page, the LAG newsletter, social media and the local press.  In addition, the Featured Artist page will be displayed on our Online Gallery for 4 to 6weeks. Thereafter it will be permanently listed under the Member Art menu as “first name- last name”, such as dan-abenaim, and the artist can publicize their page directly as “https://LynnfieldArts.org/firstname-lastname/“

 The setup fee for this exciting new service is $50 for up to 25 artworks plus $1 per additional artwork.  A $10/year maintenance fee is also required after the setup year.

The artist is responsible for providing their narrative information for the page and within limits of the LAG site infrastructure, the unique look and feel of their page.  The artist is responsible for the digital images of all artworks to be displayed at a minimum of 750 pixels on the longest size. Images must be clear, sharp, evenly lit, and with appropriate color balance.  For more information  on photographing flat art work see link Photographing Flat Artwork

We need 3 pieces of information:

  1. Pictures of your art loaded on a memory stick in the order you want to show them.
  2. A file of captions in the same order. Usually title, medium, size and price
    if you wish.
  3. A statement from you. Pretty much anything you want convey and a picture of you if you wish. Everything can be put on the same memory stick and we will arrange to get to one of the technical folks.

Each featured artist is shown in the gallery for 4 to 6 weeks and then included in “Members’ Art”.

For more information or to apply for the program, please contact Maya Jacob at mayamjacob@hotmail.com  For examples of a LAG Featured Artist web page, visit https://LynnfieldArts.org/dan-abenaim/ or visit https://LynnfieldArts.org/frank-tomasello/