Helen Malcom – In Memorium

The Lynnfield Art Guild is proud to present this online selection of paintings by oil painter Helen Malcolm. The original paintings are on view at the Lynnfield Library.

Helen Malcolm was a charter member of the Lynnfield Art Guild.  On January 17, 1964, ten people gathered at her home on Lowell Street to discuss the possibility of forming an Art Guild in our town. As a result of this pivotal meeting, the Lynnfield Art Guild was established starting with the 10 members who attended the first meeting.

Helen served as the first vice president with local well known artist Phil Perkins serving as the first president in 1964 and Helen succeeding as president in 1965. The Guild’s first art show was held at the Meeting House in June of 1964. The membership grew to over 100 members in less than a year and reached 160 members by 1967. The Guild is retaining several of Helen Malcolm’s paintings in its permanent collection.

The Guild’s mission remains as originally conceived by the founders in 1964: to encourage and inspire individuals who have an appreciation and love of art to express their talent and to create art awareness in the community. New members and supporters are always welcome.