Dan Abenaim, A Journey

At 20, I came to the US as an engineering student. I had a French education, a love of the Arts, a small portrait and an unfinished rolled canvas. I figured I could always keep painting as a hobby, and I did. I painted in spurts, busy with a demanding career and raising a family in the Boston area.

Early on, I admired the great painters of the Renaissance as well as the Dutch and Spanish Masters, but it was the style of the Impressionists that most attracted me, probably because it was less rigorously demanding of a self-taught amateur. Over time I found that I loved to discover new techniques, new styles, new media and I did it with abandon. After I retired, I joined the Lynnfield Art Guild and became prolific. The paintings I chose for the following retrospective illustrate my journey in painting.

THE EARLY YEARS: Paintings done or started in the 60’s

WATER: I love to paint water. I am fascinated by the infinite variations it lets me explore from serene and peaceful reflections to violent crashing waves. There are more colors in colorless water than in anything else.

PEOPLE:  A subject I find difficult but rewarding

ABSTRACT: This work gives me maximum freedom either in exploring pouring techniques –with apology to Jackson Pollock—or meandering in intuitive painting and never knowing where I’ll end up. Definitively fun!  

NATURE: a variety of landscapes and flower renderings

I hope you enjoyed this journey of mine and I’d love to hear your impressions and comments. Contact me at: [email protected]

Phone: 781 334 6930         Cell:  617 548 2161

If you’d like to buy a painting let me know.

Lacking any other scale, I price my paintings based on size: $100 to $300 for small ones, $300 to $600 For medium ones and $700 to $1000 for large ones. The smaller ones are usually framed. I can also offer prints on Canvas for any of my paintings