Kendall Inglese

Kendall Inglese, Creative Instructor in the Arts and 3D Design

Kendall’s artistic style reflects the process of exploration. Her work today has evolved into teaching STEAM designs and arts activities for pre K through grade 8 shared in many capacities. The dynamic of being taught and being teacher has always intrigued her as the push and pull of her life’s calling. Today she creates with “Originality, Outside, Often.” And she also writes ‘walk ‘n sketch’ booklets such as Lark’s Journey Around the Marsh, Around the Lake and On the River. She works the nature theme with arts into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities. (See her work at and Story & STEM programs on                                       

A daughter of academic parents, Kendall Inglese was raised on curiosity and exploration.

From her roots in Wisconsin to Virginia to Maine, Kendall eventually found the Boston area to be the best of all worlds: rural and historic, close to metro culture and arts, near lakes, ocean and mountains. Her husband Vince skied his way into her heart decades ago, the two commuted to Vermont often, and today are still spending ‘discovery’ time together often biking or hiking even snowshoeing outdoors with grown children and their families.

Inglese has displayed her works in many historic spots such as the 1714 Meeting House in Lynnfield via LAG Fine Art Shows or The Umbrella Arts in Concord MA (for a 3D tour of Change in the Air Exhibit see She has written Discover Lynnfield A-Z for the tricentennial 300th anniversary of the Meeting House, and looks forward to ARTS being half of the History celebration for U.S. 250th.

She is often outside creating with kids at fairs and favorite spots near Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield and participated in 3 shows at the new Albion Cultural Exchange this year. She also hosted ‘species arts’ at the dynamic space in South Hamilton at where she shared an office inside the former farmhouse home to General Patton on the old Green Meadows Farm, now a public land conserved by Essex County Greenbelt. With acres of woodlands on the Ipswich River, Inglese invented the characters in her ‘walk ‘n sketch’ booklets such as Learning Lark, Hungry Heron and Oggling Otter.

Throughout her lifetime Kendall has been appreciative of differences from place to place finding travel the best learning.

Her career as a marketing executive brought her ability to explore the country to work on creative campaigns specializing in hospitals and zoos, e.g., New Orleans Zoo, New England Aquarium, Milwaukee Zoo..  Today she is semi-retired, and looks forward to working on arts grants in the area for local habitats and Endangered Species. Her next kids’ story booklet is about Stranded Species ocean to inland. See her ‘walk n sketch’ booklets, Lark Notes cards, paintings and photography at Lynnfield’s Spring Arts Festival.

Kendall has served the town of Lynnfield many years many ways: as LAG president, Library Trustee, Townscape president, Cultural Council Chair and Capital Needs Building Committee. The space where the arts and recreation happen make a big difference to her, so she has had a hand in the design or renovation of many buildings in town and all four schools, the Senior Center Building Committee and Peabody Lynnfield YMCA and all three parks. She enjoys seeing so much ‘fruition’ from idea to implementation.

Awards: 2006

Gold Star Award from MassCulturalCouncil for Building Bridges with Art and Music