Lorraine O’Brien

My interest in art is connected very closely to my love of nature and the beauty of New England’s changing seasons. I find inspiration for landscapes and seascapes while traveling to the Northshore of Massachusetts, coastal Maine and rural New Hampshire and Vermont.

My maternal uncle and grandfather were established artists, sparking my interest in art from an early age. When my three children became of school age, I began studying oil painting with the well-known Northshore artist, Roger Curtis.

After a few years of painting in oil, I was introduced to watercolor, fell in love with it, and there was no turning back. I found watercolor to be exciting and challenging, especially when trying to create a mood of fog, or light and dark values in sunlight or a snowy day. All this while having fun!

It was an honor to have had the opportunity to take courses with two members of the American Watercolor Society, Thaddeus Klodnicki AWS and George Shedd AWS, as well as Roger Curtis, Cory Staid and Elmer Rising. Currently, I am part of Bill Devaney’s watercolor class, and enjoy his guidance, and the encouragement and camaraderie he brings to the group.

As a member of the Reading and Peabody Art Associations and the Lynnfield Art Guild, my paintings may be seen at art shows sponsored by these organizations, a variety of one artist shows, or at my home studio in Stoneham 1-781-438-3224.