Daphne Confar

Daphne Confar is an accomplished fine artist with a identifiable style.  Daphne Confar crafts ‘plain folk’ characters. “I make the story up in my head. I love making a painting of someone and feeling how their life must be from the darkness of the room, the way they’re sitting, the way they’re looking nervous, or how stoic they are.” Her ‘quirky portraits’ are intimate affairs, whether small or large woodblocks and wood on canvas. “I usually find snapshots of people that I don’t know and I figure out who they are. That is what really excites me about painting is just finding these interesting people.”

Daphne is a classically trained artist starting at the University of Stockholm, then earning a BFA from the Art Institute of So. California and an MFA from Boston University.  Daphne  has taught at several colleges and the Turo Center for the Arts.  She was awarded the Ballinglen Arts Foundation Fellowship in 2011 with a residency at Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland. She has continuously had solo and group exhibitions in various US Galleries.  Check out her works at her web site www.daphneconfar.com.

Daphne is also an active bee keeper with organic body products for sale at her esty.com shop smileSWEETIE!

LAG Demos by Daphne Confar
Acrylic/Oil   10/18/2018    7-9 PM  Lynnfield Senior Center