Watercolor Masking Demo 4/19/2018 by William Deveney

Bill filled in for an ailing Maris Platais and provided a perfect example of using masking fluid for watercolors.

efore a full house (1), Bill started with a completed sketch of Birch trees and most masking fluid already applied (2), but he did the last big trunk for us (3).  Bill then used a split-nib fountain pen to apply thin strips of masking for a thin saplings (4). Bill blocked in blue sky and autumn foliage background with a big round brush. Bill added some more masking using a scrunched up plastic bag to preserve some of the bright yellows for leaves in a random-ish texture. He then added more darker autumn leaves with another scrunched bag (5). After the break, Bill removed the masking to reveal the bright white strips for the birch trunks (6). He then painted in shading and features on the trunks (7) and added some more leaves and thin branches (8) nearly finishing the painting in only an hour an a half. Amazing Bill – Thanks for showing us these great techniques!


See also the Video of the Bill’s Demo from the Town of Lynnfield site