Jane Booras

Jane Booras is a self taught, award winning artist who has loved art her entire life.  Jane have done many things in the creative field, but she concentrated solely on her “Children of the World” project from 2013 through 2015.

After traveling the continent of Africa Jane became acutely aware of the vast differences and inequities of the children on this earth. “Those priviliged to be born into this wonderful free country of ours have been spared what life is like for so many in underdeveloped nations. We go through life living our dreams and for less fortunate children those choices do not exist. To go to bed hungry and get up hungry with no food still to be found, is a terrible and unfortunate occurrence happening in this day and age for so many children.

Each child born onto this earth today, deserves the right to food and clean water. We as a Nation should all do our part to help the less fortunate. Whether it be in our back yards or in another country. Those of us that have, should try to make a difference. While she has done many things in the creative field, children’s portraits are my passion. Capturing the emotion in a child’s face and telling their story through her paintings is her purpose.”

In response, Jane created a gallery of 102 paintings of “Children of the World” whereby she donated 50% of her sales to several children’s charities, over $21,000 to date.

Click to see “100 Faces of Humanity” video 5:37.

LAG Demos by Jane Booras
Watercolor   9/21/2017    7-9 PM  Lynnfield Senior Center