2019 54th Annual Spring Judged Art Show – Ribbon Winners

Winners as judged by a panel of three art professionals, Caroline Latanision, Tanya Hayes Lee and Jeff Klapes, on May 3, 2019. See list of winners immediately below and a gallery of winning images below that.

Special Awards

Best in Show   04-S Pulled Tight – ZOE CHEN – Mixed Media
Judge’s Choices 107-A Dancing Koi – ANNE STEINMAN – Watercolor, 04-S Pulled Tight – ZOE CHEN – Mixed Media, 04-F Sun After Snow – RUTH CLARK – Watercolor
Show Theme (Merry Month of May) 20-A Forest Splendor – PATRICIA O’CONNOR – Watercolor
People’s Choice 11-A Copley Square, Boston – SHEILA FALCO – Watercolor


Adult Prize ($100) 110-A Rustic Relaxation – JANE BOORAS – Watercolor
Student Prize ($50) 07-S Grit – HUNTER ALLAIN – Multimedia


Under Glass Category

1st Prize 108-A Winter Rabbits – LOUISE ANDERSON – Watercolor
2nd Prize 110-B Down East Clapboards  – WILLIAM DEVENEY – Watercolor
3rd Prize 104-A Reflection – MARY KELLY – Watercolor

Not Under Glass Category

1st Prize 103-D Long Ago and Far Away – JEANNETTE CORBETT – Oil
2nd Prize 106-D Lemon on Lace – AUDREY LAROSA – Oil
3rd Prize 102-D Falmouth in Fog – DONNA BARNES – Acrylic

Photography/Digital Media Category

1st Prize 101-K Sunset Under Venice Pier – LENNY MALVONE – Photograph
2nd Prize 101-L Wakefield Rising in Mist – LENNY MALVONE – Photograph
3rd Prize 101-J Birds of a Feather – LENNY MALVONE – Photograph

Professional Honorable Mentions

113-A Italian Port, revisited – JEANNETTE CORBETT – Watercolor
104-C Chicken & Egg – WILLIAM DEVENEY – Watercolor
102-B Out to Sea – MAYA JACOB – Watercolor
103-B Sunday Stroll – LORRAINE O’BRIEN – Watercolor
101-F Rockport – FRANK TOMASELLO – Acrylic

Under Glass Category

1st Prize 09-C Asian Cherry Blossoms – LOUISE PELLEGRINO – Watercolor
2nd Prize 12-A Dunes   – JOYCE FUKASAWA – Watercolor
3rd Prize 09-A Wolf – BEVERLY COOK – Watercolor

Not Under Glass Category

1st Prize 01-F Girl Arranging Flowers – ANDREE STEWART – Oil
2nd Prize 01-D Serene Sunset – JANE BOORAS – Oil
3rd Prize 07-D Busts on the Shelves – GINA PASQUALE – Acrylic

Photography/Digital Media Category

1st Prize 03-J Notre Dame de Rouen – MARY LYNCH – Photograph
2nd Prize 04-J Bachelor Elephant – ELLIE SINKEWICZ – Photograph
3rd Prize 02-J Summer Stroll – MIA ICHIMURA – Photograph

Miscellaneous Art Category

1st Prize   03-G Freckles – GINA PASQUALE – Pencil

Amateur Honorable Mentions

07-B Puffins – BEVERLY COOK – Watercolor
13-D Decked Out   – SHAILA DESAI – Acrylic
15-B Vermont Winter – PATRICIA O’CONNOR – Watercolor
16-B Still Waters – LOUISE PELLEGRINO – Watercolor
02-F Stucco House by the Sea – ROBERTA TORTORICI – Acrylic


1st Prize   04-S Pulled Tight – ZOE CHEN – Mixed Media
2nd Prize   05-S Dinner Spread – ZOE CHEN – Mixed Media
3rd Prize    12-S American Teen – SAMANTHA BUNAR – Multimedia
Honorable Mention 07-S Grit – HUNTER ALLAIN – Multimedia