52nd Annual Spring Judged Art Show – Ribbon Winners

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Special Awards

Best in Show    35-A  Down the Path  –  PETER CAIN             

Show Theme    20-A  Key West Bungalow – MARY KELLY

People’s Choice    39-A   Berkshire Retreat – AUDREY DIPILLO

Judge’s Choices    02-A  Rocky Shore – LOUISE ANDERSON

    06-D  Morning Calm—Abruzzi – JEANNETTE CORBETT

    47-D  Shedding of the Crystal Shells – DONNA BARNES


Adult Prize    18-A  Bath Time – MAYA JACOB

Student Prize    02-S  All Smiles – ZOE CHEN

Watercolor Category

1st Prize    45-A  Searching – LORRAINE O’BRIEN

2nd Prize    03-A  Artful – DONNA BARNES

3rd Prize    08-A  Nightcap at Saratoga Races – JEANNETTE CORBETT

Oil/Acrylic/Mixed Media Category

1st Prize    06-D  Morning Calm –Abruzzi – JEANNETTE CORBETT

2nd Prize    05-E  In For Repairs – JAMES RYAN

3rd Prize    42-D  Nor’Easter – JAMES RYAN

Photography/Digital Media Category

1st Prize    12-G  Harsh Light at Black Beach – MICHAEL NICHOLS

2nd Prize    07-G  Monet’s Garden in Giverny – MARY LYNCH

3rd  Prize   06-G  Botany of Desire – PHILIP HERMANN

Miscellaneous (Pen & Ink, Pencil, Pastel, etc.)

1st Prize    35-A  Down the Path – PETER CAIN

2nd Prize    47-D  Shedding of the Crystal Shells – DONNA BARNES

3rd  Prize    11-A  Waves – SHAILA DESAI

Lynnfield  High School Student Awards

1st Prize    06-S  Coexist – MARIANNE OLIVERI

2nd Prize    02-S  All Smiles – ZOE CHEN

3rd Prize    03-S  Untitled – AVA FIGUCIA

Honorable Mention Awards

    08-S  Sinatra – EMMA ROCCO

    42-A  Coming and Going – MAYA JACOB

    14-A  Precious – JOYCE FUKASAWA

    21-D  A Brooksby Winter – JAMES RYAN

    07-E  Winter Island – ANNETTE SYKES

    02-D  Flower Triptych – DONNA BARNES

    06-A  The Wave – PETER CAIN

    38-A  The Right Place – BILL DEVENEY

    01-G  Golden Sunset – SHAILA DESAI

    25-A  Buddy and Me – LORRAINE O’BRIEN