Acrylic Demonstration on 9/20/2018 by Maris Platais

Maris Platais provided a wonderful presentation and demonstration of his acrylic technique.  In addition, he provided humorous and interesting perspectives and his philosophy on painting.  The meeting was very well attended as seen in image 0.   Maris started with a blank tan canvas (Image 1) and used a simple inexpensive brush to quickly mix colors for blocking in the clouds (Image 2).  Maris noted that he usually mixes all of his colors from red, blue, yellow, and white. After blocking in green for the foreground (Image 3), Maris began adding an autumn Maple tree on the right (Image 4) using a fairly large round brush.

While letting the canvas dry a bit, Maris added some feature to a mostly complete seascape and added some highlights to a mostly complete landscape.  He then returned to the main canvas and used a smaller brush to start filling in the trunk and branches (Image 5).  Maris then went back to a larger round brush to start a rock wall lower left center and stand of additional vegetation center left (Image 5).  Maris finished the night with a few more elements (Image 7).  Maris also brought two finished and framed works: the first a reconstruction image of his voyage to America as a child (Image 8), and the second an En Plein Air from Maine (Image 9).

Link to Town of Lynnfield Video of Demo (9:50)